Hunt horse available for hire this 2016-2017 season! Come hunt us. Hunt weekend packages for 2 days of hunting with TN Valley Hunt on Thursday and Saturday.

Experienced hunt horses are available to rent for $225-$300/ per day (not including the TVH Capping Fee). 

Riverplains hunts with TVH on Thursdays & Saturdays from September to March and visiting hunts throughout the year. Please visit for more info and to contact the hunt secretary.

Rachel has been foxhunting with the Tennessee Valley Hunt Club since 1989. Over the years she has introduced many people to the wonderful world of hunting.

Rachel has years of experience in preparing horses and riders for the thrills of the hunt field. Tailored lessons on real hunt country and coops will help you and your horse feel comfortable at any hunt territory. Jumping is optional, we can also help you and your horse learn the proper technique in opening and closing gates on horseback and on foot.
Boarders are welcome to trailer to hunts with Riverplains. Come join the fun!

Happy Hunting!

Field Hunter training
We can prepare your first-time foxhunter for the hunt field by introducing them to real-life hunting conditions. Your horse will experience galloping in groups over uneven terrain, both open fields and trappy trails in all weather conditions. Natural obstacles such as coops, logs and ditches will be introduced in a low-stress, confidence-building environment. Other must-have skills such as opening gates, passing flasks, and standing at checks will be emphasized.

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